RPB Surface Repair

We repair damaged hard surfaces around your home. Whether it’s the bath tub, kitchen counter or hardwood flooring. We repair the damage and leave it looking brand new.

Kitchen Counter Repair

Damaged your gorgeous kitchen counters? Why not have them repaired by RPB Surface Repair.

Bathtub & Shower

Chipped Bathtub or Shower Tray? No Problem as we repair them all the time and they look brand new.

Stone & Concrete

Masonry repairs to stone floors, garden walls, drive walls. Internal repair to masonry work also possible.

Wooden Surfaces

Chipped your wooden cupboards? Damage to the vinyl wrap or warping? We have solutions to repair any damage.

UPVC Repair

Chipped or crack UPVC? Whether it’s windows, doors or cills we can fix the damage and you would never know the difference.


Stone or wooden Flooring damaged? It’s repairable. Read about our process.

Servicing Domestic and Commerical 


Professional Hard Surface Repair

Cupboards. Worktops. Baths. UPVC. Radiators. Tiles. Flooring. Doors. Sinks. Windows. Cills. Toilets. Cisterns. Stone. Concrete.


You Would Never Know They Were Once Damaged

Chipped, cracked or scuffed, badly finished or missing pieces. We have the skills and the tools to repair, restore and finish to leave you with amazing results.


Amazing Results Every Time

Whatever we repair, you can never tell the difference. The results are amazing and it’s more cost effective than buying a new cupboard door or bath tub. Find out how much money we could save you.

Repairing Damaged Surfaces Cheaper Than Replacing Them.

So what do we do ? We repair damaged hard surfaces around your home. This can happen to many of them over time through accidents or just the general wear and tear of being areas of the home which are used frequently. 

We provide a cost effective, reliable and long lasting state of the art repair service which leaves damaged surfaces looking brand new. 

Let’s take your bathtub, for example; maybe you dropped the metal plug or your pumice stone and left your bath tub chipped with the crisp white finish no longer there. 

We make those chips disappear. We repair the cracked kitchen counter, the damaged sink or scuffed tub to an extremely high standard. We repair all the things you would usually replace. 

Find Out If We Can Repair Your Surface

Saving You Money.

Repair Don’t Replace.


Most people leave damaged things as they are and eventually get round to replacing that counter top due to a few chips. Why not let us repair it? Trust us, it’s going to save you a bit of money.

Client Testimonials

“My bathtub was cracked for months. It stood out, you can see it every time you walked into the bathroom. The chip was replaced very quickly and you can’t tell the difference. What an amazing job.”

Edna O'Sullivan

“I cracked my UPVC windowsill when I leant my ladders against them. RPB came in repair the cracked sill for me. No mess, didn’t’t take long and now it’s not longer cracked. Cheers mate.”

Mark Anderson

“I hadn’t had my new kitchen long and I chipped my new counter. They were quite expensive to replace and I looked for someone to repair them. I wasn’t disappointed!.”

Kelsey Downs

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