About RPB Surface Repairs

Pioneering in favour of surface repair over replacement.


RPB Surface Repair are a family run business who specialise in repairing hard surfaces from accidental damage or wear and tear.

We are based in Yorkshire but are more than happy to travel to provide our services to anyone who may need them. We offer a guarnatee with all of our work for your peace of mind. 

We don’t just cover homes. We can cover; Construction, Insurance, Domestic, Facilities management, NHS, Education, Property management, Retail, and Hotel.

If any of our services are of interest to you, get in touch with us on our contact page here.



We pride ourselves on our Domestic Repairs. Repairing damaged surfaces and leaving our customers happy is our number one priority.

Accidental damage or wear and tear we can repair it all.

No matter what the damage to your hard surfaces we can give you an amazing price to repair it. Trust us, it’s cheaper than replacing.


 Commerical Surface Repairs are another side to our business which provides a great service. 

If you own a business, or have a commerical property which is used frequently then you might need your surfaces repairing. Get in touch with us to find out how we can repair your floors, walls and everything inbetween. 


During the final phase of building work, and deadlines to meet, inevitably there is more risk of accidents occurring. Damages to walls, doors, worktops, brickwork and fittings.

Even the tiniest of imperfections can be ever noticeable to the new/refurbished build, and any such repair would require an effective repair. We are able to repair damage on all surfaces, re-creating shape, matching colour, pattern and finish.