UPVC Repairs

We can repair damaged UPVC window frames, doors and door frames. Whether they are chipped, scratched, or cracked. We can also repair scratches in glass windows. 

Glass Repair

We can repair fine and deep scratches in glass.

Window & Door Frames

UPVC Door Frames and Window Frames with cosmetic damage can be repaired. 

Gouged, Chipped or Cracked

Deep gouges or chips in UPVC an be easily repaired by us. 

UPVC is made to be extremely rigid and hard-wearing, however accidents do happen and over time, your UPVC windowframes, doors & doorframes, windowsills, panels and cladding will et cracked, snapped or worn by the weather.

When UPVC Gets worn, it tends to look a bit of an eyesore and draw unwanted attention as most UPVC window/door frames are a very light colour.


We can also repair scratches on glass. We are experts at repairing scratched glass and our process gives unbelievable results. 

Repair rather than replace. RPB Surface Repair are here to repair any bathroom surface necessary.

View our before and after photos below. You can’t tell that a repair has even occurred and this is how we aim to finish every single job.

How We Repair UPVC Surfaces

We can repair damaged to UPVC and glass. From cracked UPVC frames to gouges we can leave your UPVC looking new. We can also repair fine and deep scratches in glass. 

  • UPVC Window Frames
  • UPVC Doors
  • UPVC Windowsill
  • UPVC Door Frames
  • Deep Glass Scratches
  • Fine Glass Scratches

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Bathroom Repairs

We repair damaged bathrooms all the time. From toilets and cisterns to shower trays. We can also repair tiled or laminated bathroom floors and cupboards.

Kitchen Surface Repairs

We also repair surfaces in your kitchen. Whether that’s the table you eat on or the side it was prepared on. We repair damaged chips, cracks, or stains.

Wooden Surface Repair

We repair damaged wooden surfaces such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring. We can also repair wooden cupboards, and tables.


Have you got any questions? These are ones we get asked quite often. If these don't help please send us a direct question below.

How long does a bath repair last?
Guaranteed for 12 months
Where are you based?
We are based in Sheffield, but cover many surrounding areas.
Can you give me a rough price?
Not always. Photos give us a good indication of damage, but a visit may be necessary.
How long does a repair take?
Every repair is unique. After the first point of contact you will be asked to send pictures of damage.

This can give us a clearer view of how long this may take and if a visit is required.

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